In english

In english

Ackebrink is a company which helps to develop people through education, or coaching individuals and groups. We are a leading resource in providing value for your educational needs.

We are a knowledge company and we are made up of several businesses. Common is the desire to learn, dedication and personality to create value for our customers. Value added in the form of higher knowledge, more efficient work, new business and more efficient work.

Education in professional college

We are one of the largest education providers with over 15 000 hours of education spread over more than 200 courses a year. We are located in Sweden and collaborate since 2004 with professional colleges around the country.

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Education for business

We are Sweden’s most extensive supplier of experienced and professional consultants to hold courses for companies, within higher education and one-off trainings. Our areas of expertise include everything from web design and programming, to handling explosives and electricity and the contracts range from half a day to several months at a time. Since it is important for us to find exactly the right person for you, all our consultants vary widely in background, approach and personality but they all have the love of developing people in common.

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Technology and web development

Ackebrink is also a agency with long experience of working as a technical and engineering supplier to creative agencies and organizations.

We are experts in digital production, from web and mobile development / design to integration with databases and social media. We can take responsibility for the entire project, assisting parts of a project or supplement with individual resources in a project, for example, delivery tops. We are completely independent and sits in an extensive network of very high and flexible development skills.

We have experience and understanding of the creative agency working methods and processes. We have clients who Ottoboni, River, Join The Carnival, Doberman, 7billion and Hero communication e.t.c.

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Ph: +46 (0)8 – 559 150 06
Visiting address: Ryssviksvägen 2A, 5tr, 131 36 Nacka
Mailing address: Lönnvägen 19, 13552 Tyresö
Twitter: @Ackebrink